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Alma Chopra was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia at age 10, a nervous system disorder affecting movement coordination. Despite challenges, she earned degrees in Psychology, English, Spanish, and law from Case Western Reserve University. Now an influencer and motivational speaker, Alma champions cerebellar ataxia awareness. Read More 


Alma Chopra, a powerful inspiration, faced the challenges of cerebellar ataxia at age 10. Her journey from adversity to triumph exemplifies hope, courage, and resilience. Despite inner turmoil, she refused to be defined by her disorder, excelling academically and artistically. Read More 

Side view of Alma immersed in her laptop, displaying dedication and focus.

Alma Chopra, a motivational speaker, blogger, and YouTuber, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming disability challenges. Despite being diagnosed with acute degenerative cerebellar ataxia, Alma’s determination led her to become an advocate for disability awareness. She encourages acceptance of limitations and focuses on unique abilities to excel. Read More 

Alma Chopra’s interview highlights her journey with cerebellar ataxia, a disorder causing coordination and balance issues. Rising above her challenges, she emerged as an inspirational speaker. Her life embodies hope and courage, with her diagnosis being a defining moment that shaped her compassion, empathy, and resilience. Alma’s daily drive is rooted in the power of love, genuine passion, and heartfelt maturity. Thoughts of making a positive impact on others and society keep her up at night. Read More 

Alma Chopra, an international speaker and entrepreneur, serves as a testament to overcoming challenges and inspiring others through her personal journey. Her story illustrates that a positive mindset can help conquer even serious illnesses like Cerebellar Ataxia. Alma’s resilience and determination have made her a beacon of inspiration for younger generations, showcasing that one can achieve remarkable heights despite life’s obstacles. Read More