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Welcome to the inspiring world of Alma Chopra

a relentless advocate for disability rights, empowerment, and inclusion. Through her unwavering dedication and resilience, Alma has become a beacon of hope and change for individuals with disabilities worldwide. Explore this page to learn more about Alma's journey, her impactful work, and how you can join her in making a difference.

Alma Chopra is not just a disability activist

she is a force to be reckoned with. Living with cerebral ataxia, Alma has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. Instead of allowing her disability to define herself, she has turned her adversity into advocacy, championing equal rights, accessibility, and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


Alma's mission is clear: to break down barriers and create a more inclusive society for all. Through her advocacy work, speaking engagements, and community initiatives, she strives to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and promote acceptance and understanding of disabilities.

Key Initiatives

    • Accessibility Campaigns: Alma leads campaigns to promote accessibility in public spaces, transportation, and digital platforms, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can fully participate in society. 
    • Education and Awareness: Alma conducts workshops, seminars, and educational programs to raise awareness about various disabilities and foster a culture of empathy and inclusion. 
    • Policy Advocacy: Alma actively engages with policymakers and stakeholders to influence policies and legislation that promote the rights and well-being of individuals with disabilities. 
    • Community Building: Alma facilitates support groups and community networks for individuals with disabilities, providing a safe space for connection, empowerment, and mutual support. 

Get Involved

Join Alma in her mission to create a more inclusive world. Here are a few ways you can get involved
  • 1

    Become a volunteer for Alma's advocacy campaigns, workshops, and events.

  • 2

    Support Alma's initiatives by donating to fund accessibility projects, educational programs, and community-building activities.

  • 3
    Spread the Word

    Share Alma's message on social media, raise awareness about disability rights, and advocate for inclusion in your community.

Contact Alma

Ready to join the movement? Contact Alma to learn more about her work, upcoming events, and opportunities for collaboration.

Together, let us build a world where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered, regardless of their abilities.

Join Alma Chopra in making a difference today!