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Making a difference in people’s lives

through life coaching and motivational talks

Battling the stigmas associated with her neurological condition, Alma Chopra has emerged as a guiding light for those navigating life’s challenges. With a profound understanding of the human psyche, she is equipped to offer one-on-one life and happiness coaching, as well as inspirational and wellness sessions for those going through difficult times.

Overcoming her daily struggles and considering these achievements as victories empowers her to live a life focused on #BoldlyBeyondLimits. Join Alma Chopra as she continues to conquer Ataxia, and allow her to assist you in kick starting your journey towards success, happiness, positivity, and empowerment.

Alma Chopra: Pioneering a new dawn of #AccessibleBharat and #InclusiveIndia

about alma
Alma Chopra

Embodying the spirit of resilience and advocacy, Alma Chopra is a steadfast disability rights activist and inclusion ambassador.. With a personal journey marked by Ataxia, she doesn’t just speak—she acts, championing the rights of the disabled and striving for an India where accessibility and inclusivity aren’t mere terms, but lived realities.  As she sows the seeds for a more inclusive tomorrow, she invites you to be part of the transformative journey. Join her vision and be part of her campaign named #AccessibleBharat and #InclusiveIndia. Together, we can shape an India where every individual, irrespective of their abilities, is celebrated and empowered.

Life Coaching with Alma Chopra

Alma Portraits seated in a chair, facing forward with a serious and intense expression on her face.

Your Bold New Narrative Starts Here

Are you feeling a bit stuck in life’s roller coaster ride? Fear not! In this personalized 1:1 coaching session, we’ll delve deep into your fears and dreams, miracles and miseries, past and future, apprehensions and aspirations. I’ll be your cheerleader and guiding light, helping you discover the hidden superhero within you, and bringing back the lost soul that you and the world have always praised and loved! From overcoming obstacles to setting achievable goals, we’ll unleash your full potential together and ignite that fire within your soul!


I don’t give up, and neither should you.